FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


1. Doesn’t my homeowners insurance provide liability coverage for my use of a firearm?

Maybe, most homeowners policies provide liability protection for accidental injuries caused by an insured. However, most policies exclude coverage for injuries and damages that are expected or intended. Some insurers provide coverage for reasonable use of force to protect your person or other persons, but determining what constitutes “reasonable use of force” is left up to your insurer. Courts interpret policy language in very different ways. Some courts interpret the exclusion liberally, while others interpret it literally. It can depend upon the jurisdictions that take a more liberal approach and look at the degree of injury or damage inflicted into consideration and whether the results of the act were expected or intended, not simply whether the act was expected or intended.

Your homeowners insurance will not protect you against alleged criminal acts. You will be responsible for funding your own criminal defense expenses to protect your freedom.

2. Will my homeowners insurance defend me for alleged criminal acts?

No. Criminal acts are excluded from coverage on homeowners policies.

3. If my homeowners insurance won’t cover me doesn’t my umbrella?

No. The umbrella policy only adds additional amounts of liability protection when the underlying policy coverage limit has been exhausted. If the underlying policy does not cover the claim the umbrella won’t either.

4. Who is Shield U Insurance Group?

We are an Independent Insurance Agency that exclusively markets Law Enforcement Gun Liability coverage to Active and Retired Law Enforcement Officers.

5. Who is SPRISKA?

SPRISKA is the insurance company that underwrites the gun liability policy. They are a domestic insurance company, admitted to do business in the State of Illinois, and located in Springfield, IL.

September 17th, 2020 by Shield U Insurance Group